Upcoming Events

The future events are intended to deepen the impact of the research by facilitating the dissemination of results, while raising the profile of the FFD Project as a whole. Below is a table with all the planned future  events of the project. Please come back from time to time because this page will be updated as the project progresses. 

Event Activity Leading Partner Date
TexProcess 2015 Presentation of products based on results from FFD Assyst Mid 2015
Consitex + Piacenza joint internal dissemination and exploitaion meeting Intruduction of the results of the project to creative teams and top management Consitex Spring 2015 (to be fixed)
Textile and clothing ETP conference Presentation of virtual reality potential for future developments and research initiatives Piacenza Spring 2015 (to be fixed)
Follow-up Workshop Follow-up Workshop with Consitex IT and Brands for FFD Results  Assyst Spring 2015
FFD Results Workshop 
Workshop FFD Results with key Customers Assyst Summer 2015